ImmunoComb Mycoplasma (MG-MS-MM) Antibody

 ImmunoComb Poultry Mycoplasma (MG-MS-MM) Antibody Test Kit

The ImmunoComb ® Antibody Test Kits are designed to determine antibody level in poultry blood or serum.

The two main uses of these ImmunoComb ® Kits are:
I.   Diagnosis of disease
II.  Determination of immunity level

All Kits are available in standard or lab volumes.

No of Tests: 30 (Standard Kit) / 300 (Lab-size Kit)

Intended Use: Mycoplasmas of poultry are an important
cause of lost productivity in chicken and turkey flocks,
worldwide. Many commercial flocks are raised free of one or
more mycoplasmas; to ensure this status, intensive serological
testing programs have been adopted to identify and eradicate
infected breeder flocks. 

The ImmunoComb Kit is designed as a user-friendly, multipletest kit for the determination of antibody levels against Mycoplasma synoviae (MS), Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) and *Mycoplasma meleagridis (MM), simultaneously in the
same sample. It can be used conveniently on a variety of sample materials: whole blood, serum, or egg yolk. This format is especially suitable for the serological monitoring of Mycoplasma-free flocks, and for the diagnosis of clinical or
subclinical infection.
*Results obtained for MM are relevant for turkeys only and should be ignored when chickens are tested.

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