Powder Duster

The problem of external parasites such as: mites (including feathers mites), lice and ticks, in animals and in layers in particular, is a typical serious problem in a tropical climate.   

A powder machine (Duster) is a necessary in every poultry farm for the treatment of Anti-Parasites.
We have 2 types of Powder Dusters:

  • A robust, 1.5 liter capacity, manual operated bellows duster that comes Supplied with an adjustable 37cm plastic extension lance. These dusters provide a more accurate application than sprayers, and are suitable for applying a wide variety of dusts & powders.
    Other features include a wide filling mouth, and a powerful ‘single effect’ bellows system. Although a good product for any dust application process, the Duster is perfect for use with Diatom Powder for the control of red mite and insects inside the poultry house. This is because you can inject Diatom Powder with a great degree of accuracy under wall cladding and into eaves and ceiling voids.
    The Duster is also ideal for use in gardens for accurate spraying of herbicides and pesticides on plants and crops.
    It is also a great tool for use in the home when spraying flea and insect control powders.

Small Duster 1.5L

  • We also have  a bigger Powder Duster of 4.6 Liters, the size of 250x 250×350 (LxWxH) and weighs 2.9Kg.

Powder Duster 4.6L

The recommended way to exterminate the parasites is by using anti parasite (Kartzimate) either by spray or by powder without poisoning the chickens or causing any damage.
We offers two types of anti- parasite (Kartzimate):
1. Spray Bio-Bnot anti parasite (Kartzimate) 50% (which can be used with our hand sprayer).
2. Powder Bio-Bnot anti parasite (Kartzimate) 20% (which can be used with the above powder dusters).