Mistral (Litter Conditioner)

Mistral: The Management tool to improve hygiene and welfare on the farm.

Mistral is the management tool which allows farmers to respect, in a simple and efficient way, the ground rules of animal husbandry and the physiological balance of the animal.
Mistral combines in an innovative formulation, only natural active ingredients (mineral, plants and essential oils).
Using the Mistral helps controlling ammonia in poultry sheds and reduces respiratory disorders and ammonia burns.

Hygiene – Comfort – Health – Growth

Dairy cows:
• Confirmed results (Institute national agronomist de Grignon).
• Strong influence on cellular levels.
• Very dry cubicles.
• Breast much cleaner.

• Improved growth results.
• Sanitation by drying of the litter.
• Savings on straw bedding costs.
• Reduction of slaughter rejection rate.

Mistral, on the market for the last fifteen years, has gained numerous international awards due to its spectacular results. Mistral is currently the only product on the market nominated and awarded at the highest international level of the profession.

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