Kano Empowers 784 Youths in Agriculture

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Kano Empowers 784 Youths in Agriculture


On Thursday February 6th 2014, Bnot Harel Nig had the honor of participating in a conference to promote the agriculture among the youth in Kano State, Nigeria. 

The honorable Rabiu Kwankwaso, the governor of Kano State attended the ceremony as well as the honorable commissioner of agriculture, Dr. Sani Baraka, government officials, school principals, several hundreds of young students and companies which some of them are our customers. 

Governor of Kano State- Rabiu Kwankwaso  6

The government has taken steps to get young farmers involved in the future of farming  through its inauguration of Young Famers Club in secondary schools in the state and the graduation ceremony for 300 youths.

The innovation was initiated to create employment and to also develop the agricultural sector in the state, with a honey processing plant being installed to compliment the training.

The Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, in his speech, highlighted the role of agriculture in the development of Nigeria, noting that agriculture had been Nigeria’s mainstay in the 1960s before oil was discovered.

He stated that his administration was committed to programs that would develop the agricultural sector in the state, as well as create employment and promote food security, with empowering the youths in the process, as a priority.

He added that it was gratifying to see the calibre of people present at the event to encourage youths towards embracing agriculture as career and business.

As a company that sees the importance between the economy and the society, Bnot Harel found an important opportunity to be a part of the projects for the development of the Agriculture and farmers in Kano State.

Bnot Harel is a leading company in terms of poultry input supply to Nigeria. We are dedicated to assisting and supporting local communities. Our company doesn’t just do business; we really care about our customers’ welfare. We have different ways of contributing to the community such as: donating colored chickens to the local schools in Kano, financial support to local institutes; holding seminars regularly to enrich the experience of the farmers and more. 

The communities become a part of our firm and what it stands for. Our intention is to make a positive and enduring contribution to these communities, particularly in areas relating to farming and education.

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