Bnot Harel Ltd.

Bnot Harel Ltd. 

 *Reli HarelPresident and Chairman of Bnot Harel Ltd.

B.Sc. in Agricultural Economy and Management, Agricultural Faculty of Hebrew University Israel.
MBA studies in Business and Management.
He owns a very modern Dairy, Poultry and Plantation farm in Israel.

He served as the vice president of the family farm organization in Israel TNUAT HAMOSHAVIM, A board member of “TNUVA”, the biggest milk production and poultry Integration Company in Israel.
Was a partner and CEO of Chick ANAK International (Primary breeding company).
Received “The Kaplan Award” the Annual Award of Excellence for economical and production efficiency in Israel, awarded by the president of Israel. The award was given for efficient of production of dairy farms, achieved by changing the systems of feeding and growing of the food, including using byproduct of food factories.
Reli has a vast experience in establishing Agricultural Projects in different countries such as: USA, RUSSIA, POLAND, KHZACHSTAN, ISRAEL.


*Adi Alpery- C.E.O  


*Ofir Segel- Business Development


 * Nitzan Ziv- R &D

Nitzan Photo


*Ofer ben Moshe- C.T.O Incubation & Poultry Specialist

Ofer 2

*Hanita Harel- C.O.O & Accountant