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“Bnot Harel Ltd” is an Israeli company which deals with planning and managing agricultural and agro industrial projects worldwide. We provide complete solutions in the fields of Poultry, Fishery, Cattle, Vegetables, Plantation and Field Crops. It includes the supply of agricultural equipment, livestock, feeds, vaccines, vitamins, greenhouses, irrigation systems, knowhow, consulting and expertise, Turnkey solutions and much more.
Mr. Reli Harel, the owner and CEO of the company, is a farmer who owns a very modern Dairy, Poultry and Plantation Farm. He is a graduate of the Agriculture Faculty in Agro and Economy Agro of the Hebrew University.
Mr. Harel is well involved in the Israeli agricultural establishment and has served in various high positions including:
He served as the vice president of the farmers organizations in Israel TNUAT HAMOSHAVIM, A board member of “TNUVA” the biggest milk production company in Israel. He was also the partner and CEO of Chick ANAK International (Primary breeding company) and other major professional organizations.

With headquarters in Israel, “Bnot Harel” established:
• In 2004 “Bnot Harel Nig” in Nigeria (Daughter company). Bnot Harel Nig is owned also by “AFGRI” as of 2012.
• In 2005 “G.K. Poultry LTD” in Kazakhstan (Business partner).
• In 2010 “BH Group East Africa” in Uganda (Associated company).

 Bnot Harel strives to give a fast service and personal attention to African countries and to provide all the services and equipment in the highest efficiency.

The company’s achievements and extensive knowledge are based on decades of experience gained by its directors and staff both in Israel and in many other countries through various projects. The company enjoys the rich experience of their extraordinary accessibility to the best sources of knowhow, technologies and expertise in Israel.
Moreover, Bnot Harel teams of experts such as: veterinarians, nutritionists, economists, engineers and more, are ready to assist with any kind of an agricultural or agro industrial project, and to ensure the success of the project.
Bnot Harel is involved with recent researches that deal with pioneering technology in various Agro domains to ensure the customers receive the most innovative, effective products and services.  
Some of the company projects:
• 1995- 1998- China- 3 projects of heavy and light breeding.
• 1998-2000- Stavropol‏ Russia- Renovating and managing of a broiler project at a scale of 200,000 broilers a week.
• 1990-1991- United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Renovating, managing and operating a broiler project at a scale of 60,000 broilers a week.
• Israel- Establishing and managing a couple of breeder and broiler projects.

 Company mission:
• To meet our clients’ needs by maintaining a wide range of products under the best quality and technology at the best price.
• To exceed the expectations of the clients by offering outstanding customer service, increasing flexibility, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.


 Office in Isarel:
Bnot Harel Ltd.
Moshav Beer Tuvia. Israel  8381500
Phone: +972 8 8580416
Fax: +972 8 8586216