ImmunoComb (IBD-ND-IB) Antibody

ImmunoCombBiogal – Poultry IBD-ND-IB Antibody Test Kit

The ImmunoComb ® Antibody Test Kits are designed to determine antibody level in poultry blood or serum.

The two main uses of these ImmunoComb ® Kits are:
I.   Diagnosis of disease
II.  Determination of immunity level

All Kits are available in standard or lab volumes.

No of Tests: 30 (Standard Kit) / 300 (Lab-size Kit)

Intended Use: The Kit is designed to determine serum, blood,
or egg-yolk antibody titers against Infectious Bursal Disease,
Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis Virus,
simultaneously in the same sample. This trivalent format is
especially useful for monitoring the antibody response of flocks
after vaccination, and for periodical serological surveillance of

  Pack  Plate

Comb Scale