Temperature & Humidity TESTO 625

For Hatchery Master Calibration. 

The compact instrument comes with a built-in humidity probe head for measuring air moisture and temperature. The large 2 line display shows humidity, wet bulb temperature or dew point as well as temperature.
When measuring at hard-to access points, the humidity probe head can be easily removed and attached to the handle via the probe cable (accessory).
Alternatively, the readings can be transmitted wirelessly over wide distances from the probe to the measuring instrument. To do this, the humidity probe head is attached to the radio handle (accessory) and the radio module (accessory) is added to Testo 625.

  • Displays temperature and relative humidity / wet bulb temperature / dew point
  • Max/min values
  • Hold button to freeze readings
  • Display light
  • Auto Off function
  • Patented humidity sensor
  • 2 year guaranteed long-term stability
  • TopSafe, instrument protection against dirt and knocks

 Temp and Humidity Testo 625