Vir-112, IB (Infectious Bronchitis) H52

Infectious Bronchitis (IB), freeze dried live vaccine – H52 strain (Mass. type)
Composition: Each dose contains: Infectious Bronchitis, attenuated virus H120 strain, at least 103.5 EID50.
Indications: Secondary vaccination of chickens against Infectious Bronchitis.
Administration and dosage: Use by instructions of a veterinarian.
Reconstitution: Reconstitute immediately prior to use:
Aseptically transfer 5 ml of cooled sterilized distilled water into the vaccine vial. Shake well for complete reconstitution.
– Prepare, for each 1000 doses 100-300 ml cooled, sterilized and disinfectant-free distilled water.
– Add the reconstituted vaccine to the adequate volume of spraying water, immediately prior to use, and mix well.
– Fans should be stopped before spraying.
– Spray the vaccine solution 30-60 cm above the birds using an adjusted pressure-sprayer.
– For primary vaccination use coarse spray method.
Drinking water
– Do not add disinfectants to the drinking water 3 days before vaccination.
– Deprive the birds of drinking water two hours before vaccination.
– Prepare adequate volume of drinking water to be consumed within one to two hours.
– Protect the dissolved vaccine virus from chlorine by adding Blue Neutrachlor (following the instructions) or skim milk powder (50g/20L) or skim milk (0.5L/20L) to the drinking water and mix well.
– Mix well the reconstitueted vaccine in the final volume of disinfectant-free drinking water.
– Let the birds consume all the vaccine-water volume before renewing water supply.
Ocular route
Reconstitute the vaccine as mentioned above. Transfer each 1,000 doses of the reconstituted vaccine to the dropper containing 40 ml of sterilized distilled water. Administer one drop of the diluted vaccine into the open eye of each bird.
– Vaccinate healthy flock only.
– Discard unused remained vaccine.

Withdrawal period: None
Storage: Store at 2°- 8°C, protected from direct sun light.
Presentation: Available in 1,000 doses.