Karzimat 50% – 500gr, 20kg

Dispersible powder for the control of external parasite on poultry and livestock

Naphthyl – N – Methylcarbamate 50 %
Talc, stabilizers, surfactants and anti-caking agents 50 %

Carbamate pesticides kill insects by inhibiting cholinesterase enzymes that are vital for transmitting nerve impulses; this can lead to respiratory failure and the insect’s death. Carbamates have low toxicity and can be used by spraying or dusting directly on poultry and livestock as well as on  buildings and equipment.

For the control of mites including feathers mites, lice, ticks as well as other external parasites
infecting poultry and livestock.

Dosage and directions for use:
Add 10 g BIOBNOT ANTIPARASITIC K50 to each liter of water and spray the birds as follows:
Light layers 100 – 150 ml/bird.
Heavy layers 200 – 250 ml/bird.
Repeat treatment after 10 – 14 days in order to destroy newly hatched parasites.
It is recommended to spray after last egg collection in order to prevent egg breakage.
For small and large animals: Spray 250 – 500 ml per animal and rub it into the fur.
On the premises: Spray the premises (barns, chicken coups, calf sheds, dogs kennels etc.) with a volume of 100 ml/m2.

Package: 500 g plastic bag.

Storage: Keep in a locked, cool, dark place away from the reach of children or animals.

For veterinary use only.

manufactured in Israel for Bnot Harel Ltd.