BH Group- East Africa

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BH Group has combined some of the most important industrial segments of Agriculture, Information Technologies, and Infrastructure Development under one roof, offering diversified, unique and competitive solutions to developing countries and emerging markets.

BH Group Specializes on identifying, developing and executing projects with strategic alliances and partnerships, both domestic and international, which realize and act on the markets needs and their prospective to growth and progress.

BH Groups’ network within the international and the Israeli industries empowers them with high-level and personal access to some of the world’s most acclaimed knowledge bases within the software, advanced technologies, e-solutions, security, agriculture and rural industries to be designed and implemented based on specific territories and specific customer needs.
Through its associated sister company Bnot-Harel, BH Group enjoys over 35 years of vast and diversified experience of agricultural projects in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.


 A part of BNOT HAREL group of companies
Address:  BH Group East Africa, Rwenzori Towers 5th floor, Nakasero Road, P.O Box 37468 Kampala, Uganda ,
Tel:  +256 313673113, Mob:  +256- 775143081,
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